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My personal journey has led me to present this introduction to you today. I hold degrees in food engineering, nutrition, physiccal therapy, and I also have a teaching degree. Above all, I am a staunch advocate of natural solutions, a healthy lifestyle. Yet, my most pivotal role is that of a mother to an autistic boy.

My own medical history, stemming from a late emergency cesarean section and formula feeding, made me anticipate potential challenges my son might face. However, the path that lay ahead turned out to be even more challenging than I had foreseen.

A decade of my life was devoted to recovering from the aftermath of a parasitic infection. Once I achieved a state of being asymptomatic, my husband and I were eager to start a family. Finally, at the age of 44, we welcomed our baby boy. Despite my previous experiences, I hoped for the best.

Nevertheless, life took an unexpected turn, rewriting our previously blissful existence. Our son’s development didn’t progress as expected. In conjunction with my health background, I delved deeply into the field of nutrition, which eventually led me to become a certified nutritionist on top of my food engineering degree. However, when faced with our son’s signs of autism, I dove even deeper into various scientific disciplines. For the betterment of my child’s development, I embarked on further education, building on my prior studies. Utilizing my teaching degree, I completed an intricate physical therapy program that fosters nervous system reorganization.

As a nutritionist, I gained comprehensive insights into the gut microbiome and the ramifications of intestinal dysbiosis, which can profoundly affect children’s development. Now, I stand here, ready to extend my assistance to you.

Through our membership program, you will acquire knowledge firmly rooted in evidence. This knowledge will offer you a holistic understanding of therapeutic approaches for children dealing with developmental delays or autism. The program covers the biomedical foundation and therapies for autism in great detail. It extensively explores the intricate connections between autism, detoxification, methylation, and the microbiome. You can find the topics covered in the membership program HERE. Should you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to initiate a chat with us. We look forward to potentially welcoming you aboard.

– Beata Livia Jambor

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